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Orange Shirt Day

I support everyone’s right to belief and faith. No matter what religion or Culture. I have many family and friends that are devoted To God and Church. They are great people doing great things.


There is no denying that the Church can be good. 


There is also no denying that the Church and Government are responsible for the genocide of Native people here in Canada (worldwide genocide)


Were they blessed by God and the winner in a war against Savages, or were they Evil Humans doing unimaginable crimes against other Humans? Were they hiding behind the cross to justify their Shitty actions? Were these actions of Murder, Rape, being forced into institutions of assimilation, Residential School, and denial of Family, Culture, and Language which led to generational sexual and substance abuse justifiable because we were not considered “humans” until 1982?


Many factors led to the loss of our Culture and Language. The Every Child Matters Movement (credits to Phyllis Webstad is just one way to spread awareness and help in our revitalization.


You don't have to buy my shirt. Any orange shirt will do. Hopefully you do the research and know where it comes from and who it supports. 


Proceeds from my entire website from now until September 30th will go to supporting the Stó:lo Shxweli Halq’eméylem Language Program.


Every day is orange shirt day, but September 30th will be here soon. Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. No tax, free shipping on all orders.


The phrase for this year's design is inspired by a lyric from Welcome Home (Sanitarium) a classic song by Metallica. “Fear of living on

Natives getting restless now

Mutiny in the air

Got some death to do”


Like being trapped in a sanitarium, many of us struggle and are trapped in the effects of generational trauma caused by Residential School. 

The design is a Coast Salish Style Chapel entrance representing the door of the place where you, your parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, or other relative were indeed trapped.

The inverted cross obviously represents Satan🤘

Just kidding. It represents the Truth in Truth and Reconciliation, and for every inhumane action done to us in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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